Complaint letters

The following model letters are examples of effective ways of making a variety of complaints. You can readily adapt them to complaints you might have, where on these subjects or others. Note that the letters each focus on a specific complaint, are restrained and businesslike in tone, and make clear what the writer expects the recipient to do to alleviate the situation.

Answering complaints is a chore that is high on the list of duties that are placed on the "back burner". The following letters will also show how some typical complaints were handled.

  1. Failure to honor commitment

  2. Noisy construction crew

  3. Inexperienced service people

  4. Computer hardware problem

  5. Defective workmanship

  6. Unsafe construction-slippery floors

  7. Dangerous sidewalk conditions

  8. Inferior installation

  9. Delivery of wrong materials

  10. Deceptive advertising

  11. Unreliable mailing list

  12. Answering complaints of faulty products

  13. Faulty clock radio

  14. Poor service

  15. Inadequate accommodations

  16. Delays in serving guests

  17. Mix up in an order

  18. Shipping and billing errors

  19. Business hours and schedules

  20. Unjustified complaint-missed deadline

  21. Poor preparation-convention

  22. Response to stockholder's letter

  23. Problem caused by road work

  24. Commercials on rented videotapes

  25. Inability to issue insurance policy

  26. Complaint concerning wrong goods

  27. Reply to complaint letter concerning wrong goods

  28. Complaint concerning quality

  29. Complaint concerning quantity - surplus goods delivered

  30. Complaint concerning quantity - shortage in delivery

  31. Customer's complaint letter to manufacturer

  32. Manufacturer's reply to customer's complaint letter

  33. Complaint concerning damaged goods

  34. Reply to complaint concerning damaged goods

  35. Complaint regarding bad packing

  36. Complaint regarding non-delivery

  37. Reply to complaint regarding non-delivery

  38. Complaint regarding frequent late deliveries

  39. Reply to complaint regarding frequent late deliveries

  40. Complaint regarding uncompleted work

  41. Reply to complaint regarding uncompleted work

  42. Supplier's enquiry regarding customer's withdrawal of business

  43. Customer's complaint regarding delivery charges

  44. Reply to complaint regarding delivery charges

  45. Complaint Suppliers Regarding non-arrival of goods

  46. Reply to complaint regarding non-arrival of goods

  47. Complaint regarding shortage of goods

  48. Reply to complaint regarding shortage of goods

  49. Another reply to complaint regarding shortage of goods

  50. Complaint Regarding Non Execution Of An Order

  51. Reply To The Complaint Regarding Non-Execution Of An Order

  52. Complaint Regarding Receipt Of Wrong Goods

  53. Reply To The Complaint Regarding Receipt Of Wrong Goods

  54. Complaint Regarding Damaged Goods

  55. Reply To The Complaint Regarding Damaged Goods

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