Social letters

This chapter deals with the social aspect of running a business, where letters are written for special occasions. They are not directly concerned with a business, but they are important. A social letter lets the recipient know that he or she is valued and appreciated. Such letters do wonders toward improving and maintaining good relationships between employers and employees as well as between business contacts.

Some of the categories dealt with are:

  • Acknowledgement

  • Anniversary

  • Announcement

  • Apology

  • Appreciation

  • Birth

  • Birthday

  • Compliment

  • Congratulations

  • Death

  • Illness

  • Invitation

  • Marriage

  • Promotion

  • Speech

  • Thank you

  • Welcoming

Sample letters for many types of occasions are given. Social letters should be written and sent promptly. They should be brief and to the point, always sincere.

  1. Acknowledgement of contribution

  2. Grant request

  3. Refusal of a request

  4. Invitation to speak

  5. Complimenting a speaker

  6. Appreciation

  7. Acknowledgement

  8. Formal invitation 1

  9. Accepting Invitation

  10. Declining invitation

  11. Informal invitation

  12. Birthday wishes

  13. Congratulations on winning a competition

  14. Congratulations on receiving an award

  15. Official anniversary

  16. Congratulations on birth of a child

  17. Congratulations on wedding

  18. Congratulations on wedding anniversary

  19. Announcing a promotion

  20. Congratulations on a promotion

  21. To an employee, ill in hospital

  22. To an employee, temporarily incapacitated by accident

  23. Reply to letter of sympathy

  24. Announcing the death of an employee

  25. To an employee, on heath of a family member

  26. Reply to letter of condolences

  27. Thanking someone for hospitality

  28. Thanking someone for favour

  29. Thanking someone for help

  30. Welcome a new employee

  31. Asking guest to give speech at dinner

  32. Agreeing to give speech

  33. Declining request to give speech

  34. Thanking guest for speech

  35. Complimenting employees for job well done

  36. Apologizing for cancelled event

  37. Apologizing for absence

  38. Encouragement to employees

  39. Holiday Greetings

  40. Death of a longtime business friend

  41. Death of a colleague's spouse

  42. Belated condolence

  43. Get well - serious illness

  44. Get well - accident

  45. To spouse of accident victim

  46. To employee - volunteer award

  47. To business associate - outstanding community service

  48. Small business award

  49. Professional favour

  50. Gift

  51. Professional club membership

  52. Unseemly conduct

  53. Missed appointment

  54. Letter with short personal greeting

  55. Letter explaining delayed reply

  56. Letter welcoming a visitor from abroad

  57. Apology for poor service

  58. Apology for cancelling an appointment

  59. Letter of thanks for a first order

  60. Letter of thanks for a large order

  61. Letter of thanks for prompt settlement of accounts

  62. Letter of thanks for a service performed

  63. Letter of thanks for information received

  64. Formal letter of congratulations on the award of a public honor

  65. Informal letter of congratulation on the award of a public honor

  66. Formal letter of congratulation on a promotion

  67. Letter of thanks for prompt execution of an order

  68. Letter of condolence on the death of an employee

  69. Letter of condolence to a buyer

  70. Letter of sympathy to a business friend on his close down business

  71. Letter regretting price increase

  72. Letter of thanks for first order

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