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Reply To Letter Of Enquiry About Trade Terms

reply to letter of enquiry about trade terms

Below is theĀ  sample reply to letter of enquiry about trade terms regarding fiber glass furniture:

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Recipient Name
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Dear Recipient Name:

We are in receipt of your letter of enquiry of 12th January regarding our
fibre glass furniture. We thank you for your keen interest in our items of
leisure outdoor/indoor furniture made of glass fibres.

In this regard we are pleased to inform you that our furniture is very popular
as it brings that best of the two words: cane looking but without the
undesirable qualities of cane wood. It is rust-free, fade-free, easily
washable and light in weight. Moreover, it does not have any loose ends or
sharp nails. There are many attractive colous and designs to choose from to
suit your taste and requirement.

Our representative will call you on 27th January in the afternoon. He is fully
authorized to negotiate the terms and conditions of the business. He will also
bring with him a few samples of our furniture for your inspection. Meanwhile,
we are enclosing our catalogue and price lists. These will help you in
negotiating terms and conditions of business when our representative calls on
you on 27th of this month.

Soon after the visit of our man we expect a good trial order so as to enable
you to see for yourself the high uniform quality of material and finish of our
furniture. We are sure our furniture would give to you and your customers
lasting satisfaction and good value for the money spent.


Your Name

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