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Washing Machine Complaint Letter

letter of complaint about inferior installation

Below is sample washing machine complaint letter :

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Dear Recipient Name:

I am sorry to report that a semi-automatic twin tub “Wash Well’ washing machine bought from you a month gao vide receipt.1234 dated 11 March has started giving some trouble. The motor starts making some subdued whirring sound if loaded its full capacity of 6 kg. Its spin-dry system also does not make the clothes considerably dry. Moreover, its inlet hose connection switch does not function smoothly and it requires much pressure to make it operate. The spinner lid has also developed a hairy crack. It is with a 2 year warranty. The energy consumptions is on higher side as well.

This situation is poor as it is an expensive item and you have made very tall claims in your advertisements in the brochures about the efficiency and efficacy of your washing machines.

I, therefore, request you to advise me immediately as what should we do in the matter. Would you send your mechanic to remove these defects? I would prefer to have a trouble-free replacement at the earliest. However, I look forward to your immediate response and action in the matter.


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