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Letter Of Complaint Concerning Quality

letter of complaint concerning quality

Below is letter of complaint concerning quality :

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Dear Recipient Name:

We have recently received several complaints from customers about your fountain pens. The pens are clearly not giving satisfaction and in some cases we have had to refund the purchase price.

The pens are part of the batch of 500 supplied against our order number 12345 dated 01 June. This order was placed on the basis of a sample pen left by your representative. We have ourselves compared the performance of this sample with that of a number of the pens from this batch, and there is little doubt that many of them are faulty – some of them leak and others blot when writing.

The complaints we have received relate only to pens from the batch mentioned. Pens supplied before these have always been satisfactory.

We therefore wish to return the unsold balance, amounting to 380 pens. Please replace them with pens of the quality which our earlier dealings with you have led us to expect.

Please let us know what arrangements you wish us to make for the return of these unsuitable pens.


Your Name


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