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Shortage Material Received Mail

shortage material received mail

Below is sample complaint letter about shortage material received mail :

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Dear Recipient Name:

We thank you for so promptly delivering the gas coke ordered on 01 March. Although we ordered 5 tons in 50 -kg bags, only 80 bags were delivered. Your carrier was unable to explain the shortage and we have not received any explanation from you.

We still need the full quantity ordered and shall be glad if you will arrange to deliver the remaining 20 bags as soon as possible.


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Why Complaints Are Important to Your Company?


Our clients will be the lifeblood of your company.

More than ever, as a result of the internet and social media, your clients are getting to be more and more vocal in their encounters with companies — whether it is wrong or right.

Regrettably, for customer-centric companies, however, well, you care for your clients. However, effectively operating your enterprise, you will be given a customer complaint sooner or later. Considering that just 1 from 26 unhappy clients make a complaint to your business, along with an unhappy customer will inform around 15 individuals about their bad experience, odds are you’ve lost any company as a result of unhappy clients before being aware of it.

No one likes to manage consumer complaints. However, these sometimes painful events can be an opportunity for you and your company to glow. This is the chance to make a loyal and happy client for life.

Fantastic customer service must always be a priority; however, in the unfortunate event, you get a customer complaint, below are eight ideas about the best way to manage it.


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