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Cover Letter for Systems Administrator

This is the sample cover letter for systems administrator.

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Dear Recipient Name:

I notice from your company online posting, a systems administrator position is now open in your office. Please receive this letter and resume as my formal application showing my enthusiasm for this opening. I have five years of experience in this profession and I am confident that my experiences and knowledge meet the qualifications posted for this position.

Following is a summary of my brief profile of my academic qualifications and expertise. I have expertise in the following fields:

•Installing and measuring software upgrades

•Building and managing network users

•Helpdesk support

•Installing and maintaining primary Microsoft applications

•Managing PC hardware and Linux administration such as NIS and NFS

My characteristics include exceptional interpersonal and conversation skills, attention to detail. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from ABC University. I am determined, auto-pilot, and proactive. These are the characteristics that I am sure your organization can acknowledge.

I would be obliged of having a meeting to discuss the possibility and how my qualifications can add value to XYZ Company. Please contact me at (123)-456-7891 for an interview.


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