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Letter Requesting Termination Of Agreement

Letter requesting termination of agreement :

Your Name
Company Name
Street Address
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Recipient Name
Organization Name
Street Address
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Dear Recipient Name:

As you know from your records, our two firms have done business for a number of year under the terms of a loose written agreement, signed at the time of origin by our legal counsel and by the former owner of your fleet. Since this document is no longer binding, we feel this is a proper time for us to conclude the agreement and go our separate ways.

We have been planning to purchase several vans of our own, of a type that would be specially air-conditioned, moisture proofed, and cushioned to prevent damage to the art that we transport and store. I’m sure you can appreciate the fact that, with the skyrocketing cost of works of art and authentic antiques, conventional vans and trucks just are not designed or equipped to minimize damage and wear and tear. This letter will serve, therefore, as our legal termination of the agreement.


Your Name

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