101 Business Letter

Letter To Purchasers Of Similar Products

sales letteletter to purchasers of similar products appeal to economical product

Below is sample sales letter to purchasers of similar products :

Your Name
Company Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Recipient Name
Organization Name
Street Address
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Dear Recipient Name:

We found your name in a list of people who have purchased gourmet foods by mail during the past two years.

Quite frankly, as a consumer myself and owner of a small family business, I hate “junk” mail and do not have much faith in mailing lists. But, noting your address and knowing the kind of people who live in your community, I thought you might just be somewhat like me and interested in what we have to offer.

My wife and I sell top-quality homemade products. Last summer, while driving through the lovely Blue Ridge country of the Carolinas, we stopped at a farmhouse stand where a sassy woman in her mid-eighties was selling jars of her special Peppersass Sauce.

Well, we couldn’t resist tasting a sample and we were so intrigued that we made a deal with her, on the spot, to purchase all of that Peppersass Sauce she and her three daughters could produce prior to the Christmas season.

Unfortunately, we can’t send you a sample that would retain its testiness and be fair to Sue-Helen Lacey, the creator of this wonderful sauce. But we will ship you and one of the Peppersas packages on a guaranteed money-back basis.

If you don’t think this sauce is the very best of its kind you ever tasted, keep what’s left and we’ll give you your money back the instant we hear from you.


Your Name


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