101 Business Letter

Enquiry About Books On Sale Or Return Basis

enquiry about books on sale or return basis

Below is the sample letter of Enquiry About Books On Sale Or Return Basis :

Dear Sir,

We have been engaged in the business of selling books, newspapers and
periodicals for the last 8 years and are sole agents for the sale of a couple
of reputed magazines and periodicals in the area.

In recent times we have received several enquiries about your books in Chinese
and English about technical subjects and comics. We are interested in stocking
and selling these books as well. Therefore, please send your latest catalogue
of books and price list together with your trade terms soon.

Please let us know if you can supply us your books on technical subjects and
comics for children ‘on sale or return’ basis. We would like to have your
books on credit and for that purpose we can provide you a couple of excellent
bank and trade references. We shall clear your account for every 2 months.

We hope to receive your early response.

Yours faithfully,

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