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Letter Answering Complaints Of Faulty Products

letter answering complaints of faulty products

Below is sample letter answering complaints of faulty products :

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Dear Recipient Name:

We were distressed to learn that the order we delivered to you last month was not satisfactory because the swivel ball rollers on 8 of the office chairs were defective and much too tight. I have personally inspected the 14 similar chairs we still have in our warehouse stock and found that all but 3 of them have the same problem. Our repair technician tried to adjust them and came to the conclusion that the defect lies in the tooling of the part itself, not in the installation or alignment.

I have contacted the manufacturer and described the problem. He is shipping us replacements, which we will deliver to you immediately upon receipt. Unfortunately, this will take a week. I apologize sincerely, both for the faulty products and for the delay, since it is our aim to achieve customer satisfaction with each and every order we ship.


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