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Reply To Complaint Email Concerning Damaged Goods

reply to complaint regarding damaged goods

How do you write “I need to return an order because it damaged reply”? Below is sample letter reply to complaint email concerning damaged goods.

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Dear Recipient Name:

We thank you for your letter dated 16th October 2012. We are sorry to learn that through a little negligence on the part of our packing department, you have received the consignment in a damaged condition.

While we are arranging to send a fresh consignment of your order within a day or two, we would suggest that you may sell the tea (already received) in the loose form and remit us the amount in due course at the rate of $18 per lb instead of $12 per lb.

We regret once again for the inconvenience caused and assure you that such a thing will not happen in future as we have instructed our packing department to provide wooden packing hereafter.


Your Name


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