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Complaint Letter for Damaged Goods

complaint letter to supplier for poor packing

Below is the complaint letter for damaged goods :

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Dear Recipient Name:

We are in receipt of the consignment containing 300 ABC Floppy Disks sent by you against order of 18 July. The consignment was delivered yesterday late in the evening, when we were about to close the business for the day. Consequently, we received the consignment without properly examining to see whether it was in perfect order or not as it was closing time.

However, we regret to say that we found about a score of floppies damaged when we opened the consignment in the morning today. Perhaps these got damaged because of improper and careless handling at some stage before the packing.

I expect that these damaged disks would be soon replaced. We have kept them separately so that these to be inspected by your representative when he visits here. These may be collected in case you need them to support your claim from your suppliers.

We would humbly advise you that more care and improvement in the matter of handling the goods in future be taken so as to avoid damage and loss to you and inconvenience to your customers as well.

We look forward to your early response ad action in the matter.


Your Name

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