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Letter Of Complaint About Unsafe Construction – Slippery Floors

letter of complaint about unsafe construction

Below is sample letter of complaint about unsafe construction-slippery floors :

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Dear Recipient Name:

When you designed the interior of Twin Towers, you did so, I’m sure, with beauty and distinctiveness in mind. There is no doubt that the lobby sparkles with good looks and has elicited some rave reviews from passers-by. However, I’m afraid this is a chase of Beauty and the Beast, the “beast” being the monster the floor turns into when it becomes wet. The other day, when we had an all-day rainfall and many soaked feet trod the marble slabs, the surface became as treacherous as ice. We were fortunate indeed that, despite numerous falls, no serious injuries were sustained.

Won’t you please see what can be done to coat the surface with a nonskid substance. Surely there must be some way to preserve the beauty yet eliminate the threats to life and limb. Our insurance company insists on this action.


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