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Employment Letters

employment letters

Employment letters consist mainly of letters written by job applicants to firms and vice versa. For a job applicant, the employment letter and its enclosures are of utmost importance. This is because, in many cases, a prospective employer knows nothing about a job applicant except what is presented in the applicant’s letter. A shoddily written or ill-prepared letter almost certainly will be thrown away or kept at the bottom of the pile of applicants’ letters. While a well-written letter does not guarantee an interview with the prospective employer, at least the applicant stands a better chance of being called for an interview at all.


Documents For Job Application :

A person applying  for a job requires several things. Generally, they are :

  1. Certificates of education and other qualifications
  2. Testimonials
  3. A resume ( sometimes referred to as a curriculum vitae)
  4. An application letter

Other Employment Letters :

Inside a firm, letters also need to be written for matters such as leave-taking, transfer of employees, promotion, suspension, sacking, retiring, etc.

The rest of this chapter contains sample of job applications, resume, testimonials and other employment letters.

Free Letter of Employment Samples Below :

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