101 Business Letter

Format of Sales Letter

format of sales letter

What is the format of sales letter and how to format a business letter correctly?  Read below for more guidance.

If your letter is being delivered by post, use a standard business format, whatever its nature. If delivery is electronic, take pains to make the message look as much like a letter as possible so readers take it more seriously.

Lots of books and websites run through letter-formatting details, but here are the essentials:

Letter Formatting Tips

 Use block style. Start every element flush left, but run it rag right (uneven rather than a straight line).

 Eliminate indents. Instead skip a line space between paragraphs.

 Choose clear, simple fonts. Try Times Roman in 11 or 12 point or a sans serif face like Helvetica if the message is short and need not look conservative.

 Add graphic elements judiciously. A headline, subheads, and color and type variations can be

appropriate for sales letters; include just a few or none for other letters unless helpful for clarity.

 Utilize letterhead with your logo if you have one. You can create the look of letterhead on

your computer: you need not use pre-printed stationery. Incorporate a small digital file of your logo

in messages you send electronically.

Supply contact information. Make it full and complete utilizing the letterhead and signature block

 Pick proper paper. Stick with white, or a light color paper, that does not interfere with reading.

 Sign your name preferably in blue, which looks formal but also makes your signature

stands out rather than looking mass-produced as part of the letter. When writing letters to

business people in other countries, take cultural preferences into account.


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