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11 Formal Letter Formats That You Can Copy Easily

formal letter formats

When you are familiar with drafting unofficial emails and letters, thus, formal letter formats may seem strange to you. We write a formal business letter for an official reason only. A formal letter includes a complaint letter, a recommendation letter, or an invitation letter. When we write business letters for formal purposes, we can consider them as formal business letters.

Business correspondence is a crucial field of conversation. The objective of countries to pass through grammatical, nationwide, and artistic obstacles and bolster open international business has made the letter an important commercial instrument. A manager may write a business letter to staff, clients, and other companies. If you would like to understand further formal letter formats, continue studying this chapter.

1) Apology Letter
2) Employment Letters
3) Cover Letters
4) Business Correspondence Letters
5) Personal and Confidential Letters
6) Finance Matters Letters
7) Complaint Letters
8) Social Letters
9) Sales Letters
10) Letters About Insurance
11) Letters About Club and Societies
12) Travel Letters Samples
13) Legal Letter Format
14) Letters Between Landlord and Tenant
15) Business Proposal Letter
16) Letter of Recommendation


What is a Formal Letter?

A formal letter is a kind of interaction between a corporation and a person or between people and businesses, such as entrepreneurs, consumers, buyers, and different external bodies. Formal letters are similar to private letters; they use an official accent, writing approach, and concentrate on brevity and reality. Consequently, formal letters are also declared formal business letters. Nevertheless, the tone of the letter can alter, base on the nature of the business letter. Usually, we write a business letter for commerce purposes, solving problems and concerns, and strengthening the connection.

Business Letter Format Example

  1. Acknowledging a Complaint – This letter is used to acknowledge a complaint and offer a solution to the problem.

2) Expression of Appreciation – This letter expresses appreciation for an act by an employee or a business associate.

3) Holiday Greetings – This short letter wishes an employee or business associate holiday greetings. This is particularly useful for those employees or business associates whose religion is not covered by the standard business greeting cards.

4) Letter of Recommendation  – This letter recommends a former employee who has requested the reference.

5) Press Release — Anniversary – Use this press release to alert the media of a company’s anniversary.

6) Press Release – Promotion – Use this press release to notify the media of a promotion within your business.

7) Reference Request – Asking a person to be a reference is awkward for most people. This letter will help with that task.

8) Reminder Letter – This letter reminds the reader that the bill is overdue and the payment still hasn’t been received.

Be careful to focus on observable behaviors and to avoid assumptions. Saying, “We have not received payment,” is an observable behavior. Saying, “You have not sent payment,” is an assumption. Stay positive.

9) Solicitations of Funds – This letter requests that a company contribute to a charity.

10) Thank You for Payment – A collection letter that is often neglected is the thank you note. It can provide a reminder of both the account status and the customer’s importance.

11) Urgency Letter – This letter stresses the urgency of the need for the customer to take some kind of action on the bill. It is a continuing progress report on the recipient’s account.

If you have set an alternative payment plan previously, indicate the details of the agreement and the telephone contact dates to keep an accurate record of communications.

The Reason Formal Letter Is Important?

Given the increasing demand for business correspondence now, companies need formal letter formats also. Our website provides business letter samples online for readers to download. Though you are suspicious about business letters, below are the reasons which the formal letters are so valuable and the purposes they deliver.

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