Follow Up Letter From Supplier For Incomplete Order From Customer

Below is sample follow up letter from supplier for incomplete order from customer :

Your Name
Company Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Recipient Name
Organization Name
Street Address
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Dear Recipient Name:

We thank you for your order no. 1234 of 20th September for 300 pieces of our
moulded plastic chairs. We are ready to despatch the consignment and your
order is in process. But you have not mentioned the type of chairs you want.
As you are well aware that we have three types : CHR 100, CHR 200, and CHR
300. They all are of the same price but CHR 100 is with a cane look and CHR
200 is purely for children and the last one, that is CHR 300 is circular in
design. These chairs with high backrest and superior leg designs are very
popular and in great demand. These are manufactured using ultraviolet
stabilized polypropelene to withstand environmental stress and radiation.
Therefore, we are sometimes in short supply. Since you are our old and trusted
customer, we are filling your order on priority.

Kindly send immediately the details of the type of chairs you want to be sent.
You may indicate your requirement on the margin or bottom of this bottom of
this letter and mail it back to us by return of post sot that we may despatch
your consignment at the earliest.

We are pleased to let you know that recently we have introduced a very
attractive multi-purpose plastic table TBL-A1. It costs USD390, can be
converted to suit any house – a study table, a centre table or a casual sit out
table. Moreover, it is available in a premium carry away gift pack. We are
enclosing an illustrated catalogue about this attractive new offer of ours.

It is really a fore-runner of a whole new range of our new another whole
fascinating products. We are sure you would like to order for these tables as

We look forward to your immediate reply.


Your Name

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