Business correspondence

In the everyday process of running a business, business correspondence are required to deal with matters of ordering and sending goods, giving quotations and estimates, informing customers of changes in price, making enquiries, etc. There are seemingly hundreds of things that can crop up and letters need to be written to deal with them.
Invoices, statements, receipts, credit notes, checks and other ready-made forms are used extensively when dealing with routine things. Particulars concerning goods, payments etc. merely need to be filled in. However, mistakes can be made in the filling of forms, goods can be damaged in in transit, checks can be bounce and other unexpected things can happened. These are normal day-to-day occurrences. Many of these problems can be quickly settled in person or via the telephone. Nevertheless letters are still needed for the sake of formality, to correct mistakes or to make things clearer. Thus effective letters are of paramount importance. A badly written letter can make a bad situation worse and bring about the deterioration of business, among other things.
The sample letters that follow in this chapter cover a wide range of letters relating to the running of a business.

  1. Request for a catalogue
  2. Sending catalogue and terms
  3. Open an account with a company
  4. Agreeing to open account
  5. Sending an unsolicited article to a magazine
  6. Returning unsolicited article
  7. Asking for quotation 1
  8. Giving a quotation 1
  9. Asking for a quotation 2
  10. Giving a quotation 2
  11. Asking for an estimate 1
  12. Giving an estimate 1
  13. Asking for an estimate 2
  14. Giving an estimate 2
  15. Complaining of unsatisfactory job
  16. Requesting for samples of specimens
  17. Sending samples of specimens
  18. Ordering goods
  19. Sending goods and informing of temporary non-availability of certain goods
  20. Informing customer of discontinuation of old line of goods and introducing new line
  21. Offering alternative goods to customers
  22. Mail order-ordering goods
  23. Mail order-returning unsatisfactory goods
  24. Mail order-sending replacement goods
  25. Mail order-sending refund
  26. Asking a dealer to send a representative
  27. Sending a representative
  28. Reordering goods
  29. Informing retailer about goods on special offer
  30. Sending goods on special offer
  31. Returning offered goods
  32. Acknowledging receipt of an order
  33. Informing customer of delay in executing order
  34. Informing customer of inability to execute order
  35. Returning wrong goods
  36. Returning unsolicited goods
  37. Enquiring about non-receipt of goods
  38. Informing supplier of missing goods
  39. Cancelling order because of lateness in delivery
  40. Querying transport company about missing goods
  41. Requesting to send goods care through courier
  42. Order for hosiery
  43. Reply letter to order for hosiery
  44. Order for pocket transmitters
  45. Ordering goods at old prices
  46. Reply letter to ordering goods at old prices
  47. Asking the railway authorities to cancel railway receipt
  48. Re-booking of goods
  49. Request for open delivery of goods
  50. Requesting railway authorities for exemption of wharfage
  51. Requesting railway authorities to verify an indemnity note
  52. Submitting a claim for goods
  53. Acknowledgment of claim
  54. Letter from railway regarding payment of claim
  55. Asking road transport company to re-book parcel
  56. Asking the head office to send an advice
  57. Request for catalogues and price lists
  58. Reply to request for catalogues and price lists
  59. Request for advice
  60. Reply to letter request for advice
  61. Enquiries through recommendations
  62. Reply to enquiries through recommendations
  63. Request for sample for floor coverings
  64. Reply to request for sample for floor coverings
  65. Buyers seek to cancel order due to adequate stocks
  66. Reply from supplier agree to cancel order
  67. Reply from supplier refuses to cancel order
  68. Buyers insist cancellation of order through delay in delivery
  69. Letter of enquiry about trade terms
  70. Reply to letter of enquiry about trade terms regarding fibre glass furniture
  71. Letter requesting for catalogue and price list for electrical equipment
  72. Reply To The Letter Requesting For Catalogue And Price list For Electrical Equipment
  73. Letter from an individual customer enquiring about kitchen installation
  74. Letter of enquiry about carpets
  75. Letter requesting quotation for crockery
  76. A buyer’s letter requesting better terms
  77. Enquiry about books on sale or return basis
  78. Order for a cordless telephone and a receive amplifier
  79. Acknowledgement of receiving order from customer for a cordless telephone and a receive amplifier
  80. Order for a watch from an individual customer
  81. Reply to the order for a watch from an individual customer
  82. Letter placing an order
  83. Letter regretting delay in supply to customer
  84. Follow up letter as the order is incomplete
  85. Business proposal letter
  86. Essential business letter to staff members during covid-19 crisis
  87. Sample essential worker letter for foodstuff companies
  88. General essential business sample letter

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