Letter Placing An Order

Below is the example of letter placing an order :

Your Name
Company Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Recipient Name
Organization Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Recipient Name:

Thank you for your quotation of 1st January and sample cakes of your deodorant
premium toilet soap ‘Swan Personal’. We are glad to place an order for 25
gross of ‘Swan Personal’ toilet soap cakes at the rates given in your
catalogue excluding the forwarding and packing charges. We also agree to your
trade discount of 25%, but we want that the consignment must reach us within
15 days of the placing of this order with you. For us the time factor and
delivery schedule is of utmost importance and so we insist on the specified
time schedule and reserve the right to refuse to take delivery of the
consignment in case of its reaching us late.

Our cheque to cover your bill will be sent as soon as the goods reach us and
are found satisfactory. Please take proper care in packaging the goods so that
they may reach us in good condition.


Your Name


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