Landlords and tenants

Advertising premises to let, renting premises, renovation of premises, dealing with tenants regarding rental, and etc. are common correspondences to most of the people. The following free sample landlords and tenants letters will definitely cover most of the form of written communication that is needed to deal with these issues.

Free Sample Landlords and Tenants Letters :

  1. Advertising premises to let
  2. Responding to advertisement
  3. Reply from real estate agents
  4. Deciding not to rent premises
  5. Agreeing to rent premises
  6. Forwarding lease agreement for signature
  7. Sending payments and signed lease agreement
  8. Asking for permission to renovate premises
  9. Giving permission to renovate premises
  10. Refusing permission to renovate premises
  11. Telling tenant to remove illegal renovations
  12. Asking landlord to repair premises
  13. Repeating request for repairs
  14. Asking tenants to do repairs and agreeing to foot the bill
  15. Asking for permission to sublet
  16. Giving permission to sublet
  17. Refusing permission to sublet
  18. Asking tenant to pay overdue rent
  19. Repeating request for payment of rent
  20. Asking for more time to pay rent
  21. Giving notice to tenant to vacate premises
  22. Increasing rent
  23. Asking for extension of lease
  24. Granting extension of lease
  25. Making new lease agreement
  26. Informing landlord of intention to vacate premises
  27. Informing tenant of intention to end lease
  28. Request for reduction of rent
  29. Reducing rent
  30. Refusing to reduce rent
  31. Letter to a property dealer for a showroom
  32. Reply to the letter of a property dealer for suitable flat on rent for an executive
  33. Letter to a property dealer for suitable flat on rent for an executive
  34. Letter for taking over office premises on lease
  35. Letter in response to an advertisement for business premises
  36. Letter requesting renewal of lease
  37. Letter asking repairs
  38. Letter remitting rent of an office premises
  39. Letter requesting estimate of decoration of premises
  40. Reply to the granting time to pay rent
  41. Letter requesting time for payment of rent

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