Misc Travel Letters

In dealing with business travel it may be necessary to arrange for passports to be supplied or renewed, obtain visas when necessary, book travel by air or sea, and make accommodation reservations. Itineraries will also be necessary for business people who travel. Enquiries about such matters are usually made in the first instance by telephone to a travel agent who will deal with most travel requirements on your behalf. Such arrangements need then only be confirmed with writing. This chapter looks at a variety of letters in connection with travel arrangements, including the essential document for business travellers, the itinerary.

  1. Booking air tickets
  2. Hotel reservation
  3. Request for passport application form
  4. Formal application for passport
  5. Request for visa application form
  6. Enquiry concerning flights
  7. Reply to the enquiry concerning flights
  8. Enquiry concerning car ferry
  9. Enquiry concerning sea journey
  10. Reservation of berths
  11. Enquiry concerning holiday cruises
  12. Reply to enquiry concerning holiday cruises
  13. Enquiry letter about booking company accommodation at a hotel
  14. Confirmation of reservation
  15. Enquiry letter about booking private accommodation
  16. Reply to enquiry letter about booking private accommodation
  17. Request for holiday guide
  18. Enquiry for hotel accommodation
  19. Reply to enquiry for hotel accommodation
  20. Enquiry to a small private hotel
  21. Enquiry letter to the proprietor of holiday flats
  22. Enquiry about travel fares
  23. Letter requesting hotel reservation
  24. Letter enquiring about hotel accommodation
  25. Reply to letter enquiry about hotel accommodation
  26. Letter seeking hotel reservation
  27. Reply to letter seeking hotel reservation
  28. Letter to a travel agent for arranging a business trip
  29. Letter chartering a tourist bus
  30. Letter about seminar facility in a hotel


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