Business Letter Example

1) Apology Letter
2) Employment Letters
3) Cover Letters
4) Business Correspondence Letters
5) Personal and Confidential Letters
6) Finance Matters Letters
7) Complaint Letters
8) Social Letters
9) Sales Letters
10) Letters About Insurance
11) Letters About Club and Societies
12) Travel Letters Samples
13) Legal Letter Format
14) Letters Between Landlord and Tenant
15) Business Proposal Letter
16) Letter of Recommendation

This website provides free business letter example for a variety of purposes. It offers templates for letters of inquiry, letters of recommendation, letters of apology, and more. The website also provides tips and advice on how to write effective business letters. It includes examples of different types of business letters, such as formal letters, informal letters, and persuasive letters. The website also provides helpful resources such as sample phrases and words to use in business letters. Additionally, the website offers a searchable database of business letter templates that you can customize to fit any situation.

A business letter is an important form of communication used to convey information between two or more parties. It is a formal document that follows a specific format and includes a professional tone. Writing a business letter can be intimidating, but with the correct knowledge and tools, it doesn’t have to be.


What are the 15 types of business letter?

1) Employment Letters

These employment letters include letters to land a job, letters to reject a job, cover letter, resignation letter, sample resumes. You will also find the type of letters you need if you are the one doing the hiring and firing. These letters are models you can adapt to your personal needs whether you are entry level, middle management, or experienced executive. Keep in mind that all business letters in this chapter should be written on letterhead or with proper business formatting and headings. All the letters below begin with the salutation.


2) Cover Letters

A cover letter is your presentation to the potential employer. To outperform other candidates, you need to exhibit your related working experience according to the job scope you wish to apply for. You can apply this example for a resource when you write your cover letter or follow this simple cover letter format that will lead you throughout each step of creating your resume within a short time frame.


3) Business Correspondence Letters

In the everyday process of running a business, business correspondence are required to deal with matters of ordering and sending goods, giving quotations and estimates, informing customers of changes in price, making enquiries, etc. There are seemingly hundreds of things that can crop up and letters need to be written to deal with them.

4) Personal and Confidential Letters

There are times when you write on behalf of yourself rather than for the entire company. This chapter includes samples to help you write personal and confidential business letters.


5) Finance Matters Letters

The following are some free letter templates written for various situations. Some of them are standard letters that are used so frequently that the contents may be stored in a computer and reproduced whenever necessary. The only things that need to be typed in are the name of the person, address, date and some relevant information.


6) Complaint Letters

The following model letters are examples of effective ways of making a variety of complaints. You can readily adapt them to complaints you might have, where on these subjects or others. Note that the letters each focus on a specific complaint, are restrained and businesslike in tone, and make clear what the writer expects the recipient to do to alleviate the situation.


7) Social Letters

A social letter lets the recipient know that he or she is valued and appreciated. Such letters do wonders toward improving and maintaining good relationships between employers and employees as well as between business contacts.


8) Sales Letters

Writing a great sales letter writing can enable you to improve your relationship with prospective customers and clients relates to personal letters and notes you may send in a casual way. Below are sample letters for sales letters you can use.


9) Letters About Insurance

There are many types of insurance. Some are required by law, like motor insurance. The rest are taken voluntarily to insure against things like theft, fire and accident. For most cases, ready-made forms are used in insurance procedures. However, insurance letters are necessary to get the process going or to clarify matters. Terms like premium, claim, risk and policy are used in the sample letters.

10) Letters About Club and Societies

These letters address community activities that involve both individuals and corporations. This chapter looks at the various communications and letters by club and societies which are connected with this very important aspect of day-to-day business life.

11) Travel Letters Samples

In dealing with business travel it may be necessary to arrange for passports to be supplied or renewed, obtain visas when necessary, book travel by air or sea, and make accommodation reservations. All of above arrangements involve misc travel letter samples.


12) Legal Letter Format

Of all the types of letters, there are relating to business management and operations. Legal correspondence are the ones that owners and managers tend to shy away from. The firm’s legal department straddles two worlds: one business, one legal. Often e-mails to other lawyers or to clients in the firm are complex, lengthy, and specialized. Divide long legal letters into a personalized preface and an impersonal document.


13) Letters Between Landlord and Tenant

Advertising premises to let, renting premises, renovation of premises, dealing with tenants regarding rental, and etc. are common correspondences to most of the people. The following free sample landlords and tenants letters will definitely cover most of the form of written communication that is needed to deal with these issues.


14) Business Proposal Letter

Business proposal letter often used by a company to prepare business proposal ideas to specific customer for mutual benefits. How do you write a business proposal letter and what is the format of a proposal?

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15) Letter of Recommendation

You may have numerous occasions in your life to write letters of reference and letters of
recommendation. The most common use of such a letter is for a former employee who is
seeking a job in another company, or an internal promotion, or a special honor based on
exceptional performance.

You will see that you have wide latitude in writing letters of reference. You are simply
trying to give someone (usually a prospective employer) enough information so that an
informed decision can be made. If you did not supervise that individual, of course you
cannot comment from a supervisor’s point of view, but you can identify personality
traits and describe encounters you had with the individual which would help you illustrate
the person’s character and personal qualities.


Business Letter Format

Business letter format has changed over the years. There are different types of forms, such as block format, modified format, simplified format, and others. The letter format also explains the body of the letter, single space, closing paragraph, and how to include your contact information.

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What Are the 5 Parts of a Business Letter?

There are many parts to the business letter — some needed, some optional. This chapter will review those parts and their order.

Whether you are ordering stock, applying for a job, requesting funds, showing recognition, or making a complaint. As long as you deal with an association, you need to write a business letter. You should obey formal methods and incorporate the essential parts in each letter you write. Begin with a sheet of letterhead paper containing your company’s address. Alternatively, you could create your header which includes your full name, address, postal code, telephone number, and email address.



If you are using a heading instead of letterhead, then, write the date on the first line and the address on the subsequent lines as follows:

October 01, 202X
Any Number Any Road
Any City, Any Postcode

Above is the format of the date of a letter. Remember to write out the month and to include both the date and year for enough reference.


Inside Address

The inside address should include the name of the person you are writing, the recipient’s title (if available), the company name, and the company address.



All formats of business letters use the salutation except the Simplified Letter and the Memo. The American business letters use the below salutations :

  • Dear Sir:
  • Dear Madam: (may be followed by the title, such as Dear Madam Chairperson:)
  • Gentlemen:
  • Ladies:
  • Dear Mr. James:
  • Dear Ms. Britney:
  • Ladies and Gentlemen:
  • Dear Personnel Director: (a gender-free title)
  • To Whom It May Concern: or TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: (use this form as the last option)

Attention: You must decide the suitable option, given your recipient and the situation. If you are unsure about your reader’s gender, do not assume gender in the salutation. Write your recipient’s name if you know it. The surveys identified that people tend to read a letter with their names in the salutation.

One of the difficulties you may encounter is addressing a person with a name that is not gendered specific; for instance, the name Lorie. The simplest solution in the salutation is to say, “Dear Lorie Lucas.” If you are greeting a group of people in common, such as the logistic department, do not think they are all male. The old “Gentlemen:” is not acceptable. “Logistic Agents:” is favored.



The body is where you create requests, give information or
ideas, or reply to someone or a subject. The body is the primary part of the business letter.



The closing changes in formality and appears in all forms of business letters except the Simplified Letter and the Memo. The following complimentary closes are in order of decreasing formality:

  • Very truly yours,
  • Respectfully,
  • Sincerely yours,
  • Cordially,
  • Sincerely,

The most relevant, in general business letter samples, is the last.

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