Club and societies

Every day in the business world appointments and meetings are being arranged, and conferences and other special functions are being organized. This chapter looks at the various communications and other associated documents which are connected with this very important aspect of day-to-day business life.

  1. Applying for membership of a club
  2. Rejecting membership application
  3. Approving membership application
  4. Requesting overdue subscriptions
  5. Proposing someone for membership
  6. Opposing membership application
  7. Warning member over misconduct
  8. Cancelling membership
  9. Notice of emergency general meeting
  10. Complaint about misbehaviour of member
  11. Complaint about misuse of facilities
  12. Complaint about poor management
  13. Complaint about neglect of facilities
  14. Complaint about canteen food
  15. Complaint about non-members
  16. Notice to members about use of club facilities


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