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This is a letter of introduction for Mary, who has ably served as my assistant for almost ten years and is moving to your area because of her husband’s recent job transfer. You will note that she is academically well qualified for a management staff position in a school system, what with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and her Master’s in Education. What you will not see on paper, however, are the intangibles that have made her one of the most valuable members of our school family here: loyalty, devotion to learning, dedication, and the willingness to sacrifice personal interests for the betterment of others.

She would be ideal as the assistant to one of your principals, as a person who is not only fully supportive but has the initiative and strength to take over during periods when her superior might be ill, on vacation, or our of town on business. Should there be no such openings, I recommend that Ms. Mary be considered for any management position calling for a combination of educational know-how and executive skills. I would be more than happy to elaborate on this at any time.

Trite through it may be to say that “my loss is your gain,” I feel this to be one time when the truth is even more potent than the platitude.


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