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Dear Recipient Name:

Jeff Anderson was one of my honors students last year. He graduated with a Second Class Upper Honors Degree early this year.

As a student he was diligent and always showed keen interest in his work. He helped me finish a detailed study of a number of limestone formations in the Silicon Valley. I can say when it comes to doing meticulous work for long hours under less than comfortable conditions; Jeff Anderson rates one of the best I have known. He is not one to give up when things get rough. He can be relied upon to complete difficulty tasks that a normal person would shun.

I cannot recommend him high enough if your company requires a genuinely capable man to do field research and related work. He would be an asset to any company. Give him a challenge and he literally thrives in it, that’s Jeff Anderson. Furthermore his easygoing nature would always enable him to work with anyone anywhere. I have confidence that he would be able to perform the most arduous of tasks that he is entrusted with.


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