Letter Requesting Quotation For Crockery

How to write a request letter for quotation of la opala crockery ? State clearly what you want in terms of discount, delivery, packaging and terms of payment.  Below is the sample letter requesting quotation for crockery :

Your Name
Company Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Recipient Name
Organization Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Recipient Name:

We were glad to receive a supply of Bone China and Hotel China items of
crockery last month from you. Now we would be glad if you would quote for the
items named as under and manufactured by ABC Company of Japan. The items we
need are listed in your latest catalogue of January at number 5,7,9,11,13,15

500 Teacups with saucers (Zen China)
300 Rice plates full size (Hotel China)
500 Mugs small sized (Bone China)
100 1/2 litre teapots (Viterous China)
300 Flowerpots (Zen China)
200 Sitting Buddha decoration pieces (Pearl China)

Price quoted should be inclusive of packing and delivery charges to the above
address. Please also state the trade discount allowed, terms of payment and
the date of earliest possible delivery.


Your Name

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