Order For A Cordless Telephone And A Receive-Amplifier

Dear Sir,

We hereby confirm the telephone order we placed with you yesterday evening in
response to your quotation of 1st July for the following :

1. 14 ‘GENESIS’ brand cordless telephones
Price : USD200 each, less 40% trade discount

2. 10 ‘GENESIS’ brand receive-amplifier
Price : USD150 each, less 35% trade discount

The above items should be delivered to our above address within a week’s time
from the receipt of this order by your delivery van carriage paid. We are
enclosing an account payee cheque for USD700 towards part payment of these
items and the balance of USD2075 would be paid on delivery. Send with the
consignment the operating and maintaining instructions brochures which may be
distributed among the customers and clients along with these devices. Also
send the guarantee cards and cash memo.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the cheque by return of post.

With thanks, we look forward to the delivery of the above within the scheduled

Yours faithfully,

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