Essential Business Letter To Staff Members During Covid-19 Crisis

Dear Valued Staff Member,

As we operate as a community to fight the COVID-19 virus, [ABC Organization] is seeking you to remain at your job. Our business sector is a component of the nation’s “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.”

Our duties, products, and supports will assist the country to protect the stability of operations. This is crucial to security, people wellness, financial and nationwide safety.

The federal government has revealed a directory of institutions, governmental and private corporations, and sectors deemed necessary to support the security of the community and the country’s economics. That list covers workers like yourself. You can locate the list here:

ABC Organization will remain to supply goods, assistance, and infrastructure aid through the COVID-19 crisis. We depend on your cooperation to complete this mission.

Since we require our workers to remain at the job, [ABC Organization] recognizes this creates problems for a few staff members. Kids may need to stay at home owing to no schooling and need guardianship from family.

If you encounter difficulty to work due to the COVID-19 crisis, please contact <Name, phone, email address> to explain your condition and possible options, including work from home.

We will operate as carefully as possible during this period, and appreciate your opinions and assistance. Thank you for your extended devotion to [ABC Organization].

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