Letter Regretting Delay In Supply To Customer

Below is the sample letter regretting delay in supply to customer :

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your order dated 30 June for 100 leather jackets and 250 pairs of
leather gloves. We are pleased to note that you have been able to sell all the
items in leather which you had ordered and received early last month. Truly,
our leather goods are very popular as they are genuine, reasonably priced and
durable. Consequently we are always in short supplies these days in spite of
our cover 110% capacity utilization in production in our two large factories.

Since these items are not in stock at present, we feel sorry that we are
unable to despatch these immediately. We, therefore, expect to execute your
order by 15th of August. By that time there would be an appreciable
improvement in supply. We hope you will bear with us till then.

Yours faithfully,

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