Complaint About Defective Products of Ball-pens And Refills

Dear Sir,


We are sorry to say that recently we have received many complaints from our customers about your ball-pens and refills. They have not been giving desired satisfactory service in spite of the fact they are relatively expensive and our customers buy them as items of value.

These items about which have received complaints in person, in writing and also over phone, relate to the batch supplied against our order no. 123 of 01 March. This order was placed on the basis a few sample ball-pens and refills left with us by your representative. We have ourselves compared the samples with those supplied later and have noted that the latter are not upto the mark.

There is something wrong with these ball-pens and refills, particularly with their tips and ink. They leak, over flow and spoil the hands and apparels of the owners. Some of them blot off the sheet when writing. This is really unfortunate and regrettable.

Therefore, we want you to immediately replace the consignment and take away the pens and refills still left with us out of this lot. Please ensure that this replacement lot should be without any defective ball pen and refill. These must be expected quality and standard worth more for the value of the money spent by our customers.

Yours faithfully,

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