Deceptive Advertising Warning Letter

How to deal with false advertising and what is the sample advertiser warning letter? This is the deceptive advertising warning letter to advertiser :

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Dear Recipient Name:

Consider this letter a request to cease and desist the statements you are now making in your radio and television commercials concerning the burial allowance you offer to the families of deceased veterans of U.S military forces not on active duty. You imply in your advertising that your company, Briarcrest Cemeteries, Inc., will deduct up to $350 from burial costs for families of former military personnel, as your own expression of goodwill for their duty to their country.

Please be advised that it is clearly stated by the Department of Veterans Affairs that deceased veterans if wartime or peacetime service are eligible for a pot or interment allowance of that amount, up to $350 to be specific, to be reimbursed by the government itself.

Furthermore, it is deceptive for you to imply that you yourself were an active colonel in the U.S. military service when your title is purely an honorary one awarded for duty as deputy police training officer.

If you continue to employ deceptive advertising to make consumers believe that you are offering a payment out of pocket, we will have no recourse but to seek an injunction against your continued operation in business.


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