Application For The Post Of Manager Bulk Drugs

Below is sample application for the post of manager bulk drugs :

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Recipient Name
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Dear Recipient Name:

I have come to know through a reliable source that you are in urgent need of a Manager who can work successfully to your entire satisfaction in your bulk drugs section. I request that I would be considered for this post.

At present I have been working as a Deputy Manager in a bulk drug manufacturing company for the last 4 years and am responsible for fine chemicals production in the plant. My operational areas include production, planning, coordination of the batch activities, quality control and quantity of the output, shop-floor management, cost control etc. I am a graduate in Chemical Engineering and a post-graduate in Organic Chemistry.

The post offered by you is really attractive as it offers better utilisation of my expertise and abilities. A copy of my curriculum vitae is enclosed giving further details of my qualifications, work experience etc.

I hope you would provide me an early opportunity to present myself at an interview.


Your Name

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