Sales Letter Sofa Cum Double Bed

Below is the sample sales letter promoting sofa cum double bed :

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Dear Recipient Name:

One new Sofa-cum-Double Bed upholstered with luxurious M.M. foam can you just what you want in the Age of Space! It is comfort-cum-convenience! A veritable package deal!

A day-time delight, it can seat four with comfort. Just pull it out and it turns into a trim bed of 6″ x 6″. No botheration of making the bed – even if the servant gives you the slip. It pulls out in a jiffy. The accompanying illustrated catalogue will give you details of how it looks and how it works – as a sofa for the day and a bed for the night.

Drop in today at our show-room to see the new Sofa-cum double bed, comfort-cum-convenience, displayed in grand style.


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