Letter Of Complaint About Misuse Of Facilities

Below is sample letter of complaint about misuse of facilities :

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Dear Recipient Name:

Yesterday evening, at about 5 P.M., Robert and I went to the Indoor Sports room to have a game of table-tennis. When we got there we were shocked by what was happening there.

We have two tables in the club and we used both of them to display books and magazines by a book shop from outside. There were a dozen or more members and other people browsing among the books on display. The question I want to ask is: did the book shop people get permission to display their wares in the club? And if they did, how is it that they were allowed to use the Indoor Sports room? We went to the room to enjoy a game of table-tennis. We left utterly disappointed about the whole situation.

What do the Ex. Co. have to say about this? Is the Indoor Sports room also an exhibition hall? Are table-tennis tables meant for displaying books? We protest strongly against such things. We pay good money as members and we do not want to see such blatant misuses of club facilities. Please do not repeat such incident,


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