Complaint Letter Regarding Receipt of Wrong Goods Of Shoes

Below is the sample complaint letter regarding receipt of wrong goods of shoes :

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Recipient Name
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Dear Recipient Name:

Thank you for your prompt execution of our order of 25th May. We took the delivery of the consignment today in the morning. The consignment was in perfect order, but to our great surprise we found altogether different shoe-uppers, however, the soles, belts and jackets were what we had actually ordered.

We had placed order for 500 pairs of shoe-uppers for men’s shoes and not for ladies’ shoes. If you refer again you will find that the shoe-uppers sent by you don’t correspond with our order no.1234 dated 25th May. The shoe-uppers for ladies’ shoes are not required at all by us because there is already a sufficient stock of it with us.

Evidently wrong items have been sent to us and it has caused as a great inconvenience as we have many urgent order for men’s shoes only. Please let us know immediately by return of post when we will receive the correct shoe-uppers. Meanwhile we are holding the goods with us which we have not ordered.

We look forward to hear soon from you.


Your Name

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