Reply To Complaint Regarding Uncompleted Work

Below is sample letter reply to complaint regarding uncompleted work :

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Dear Recipient Name:

Thank you for your letter of 18 February. We are of course aware that the estimated period for completion of your bungalow has already been exceeded and wish to say at once that we realize what inconvenience the delay must be causing you.

However, we would ask you to remember first that we have had on exceptionally severe winter, work on the site has been quite impossible during several prolonged periods of heavy snow. Secondly, there has been a nationwide shortage of building materials, especially bricks and timber, from which the trade is only just recovering. Without these 2 difficulties, which could not be foreseen, the estimated completion period of 6 months would have been observed.

In the improved weather conditions work on the bungalow is now proceeding satisfactory. Unless we have other unforeseen hold-ups we can safely promise that the bungalow will be ready for you by the end of March.


Your Name

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