Defective Workmanship

Dear Mr. Guillot,

We have been ordering plumbing supplies and fixtures from Union Plumbing for the past 16 years and have for the most part been completely satisfied with both the products and your service. Therefore, it was with considerable surprise that I was informed by my installation technician that we had a very serious problem. At least half the valves you supplied us with last fall for the heating and air conditioning system have been faulty. When I inspected three of the ones he had dismantled for examination, I was dismayed to find that the grommets on them were made of acrylic, which is far less resistant to temperature-change stress than fiberglass (used in previous valves). Also, it was obvious to me that the workmanship was inferior. The adjustment nodes were not seated properly and, in two cases, were the wrong size.

We know from past experience with Union that you always make good on parts and materials that fail to live up to what is expected of them. To be on the safe side, we would like to replace all 86 valves in the system and would appreciate if you would see to it that the new lot is carefully inspected for both material quality and workmanship before delivery.


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