Application Letter For The Post Of A Sales Girl

Below is sample application letter for theĀ  post of a sales girl :

Your Name
Company Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Recipient Name
Organization Name
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Recipient Name:

My friend Ms. Jane, who is a counter sales-girl at your company’s show-room has told me that she intends to leave her job soon as she is going to be married soon to a gentleman in Singapore. She has told me that working under you was quite fruitful and rewarding. I would request you now to consider me for this post in her place.

I am a graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore and have some experience in the line. Soon after my graduation worked as a sales girl at a reputed Cheong-Sum shop in Johor for about six-months, but then I had to leave the job and come here to help my ailing mother and old father. I also know typing and can handle correspondence.

I would be thankful if I am given a chance to serve you in the place of my friend Jane. You may require from her about my good habits and hard-working nature and excellent conduct.

I look forward to your early response.


Your Name

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