How Do You Write A Breakup Letter To Someone You Love

How do you write a breakup letter to someone you love? This is the sample of breakup letter from a girl to a boy :

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Hey, what’s up—I realize this is going to catch you off guard and I apologize for that. I’ve been thinking now might be a good time to end this. It’s not for a bad reason at all but rather a good one in that I can sense my interest in you heading in a new direction. I realize though, this was never meant to be that, and I think it might be best to pull out before things get complicated. We’re always going to travel in the same social circle and run into each other on many occasions and I don’t want to risk it ever being awkward. I enjoy your company (amongst other things) and look forward to a continued friendship.

I hope this doesn’t seem cold or formal over e-mail. In most cases such things, I know it should take place over the phone or in person, but in our case, I think that might make it more uncomfortable. We can talk though if you like—I just wanted to get it all out here first. Please don’t be weirded out—just be flattered. You’re attractive, successful, fun, and all those other clichéd things women tend to like in men 😉

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