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What do you say in a breakup letter and what to write to end a relationship. This is a breakup letter from a lady to a guy :

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I apologize in advance for the length and subject matter of this note. I’ve been seized with the need to be unabashedly honest. I am not seeing anyone. I only said that to put up an immediate
barrier between us. Admittedly, it was a coward’s call. At first I was excited to see you and hadn’t ruled out the
possibility of us dating again. But I quickly encountered the same unappealing characteristics that kept me from getting close to you the first time.

The first, and perhaps most unsettling, is your need to put me in direct comparison with other women. Soon after you introduced me to Linda, you smirked and asked if she was rude to me. I’m sure you would have liked it if she had been, knowing that a cat fight was taking place in your honor. But no such luck; she was very polite. And again, later that night— calling Melissa The Barefoot Contessa was a reference to her looking like Ave Gardner. Your gut reaction was to initiate the competition and ask if I was jealous. I am a woman who finds myself intrigued and astounded by the beauty of other women—you know this about me. I do not appreciate your trying to transfigure my admiration into jealousy for your
own personal gain.

Another trait that has kept me at arm’s length is your incessantly asking whether or not I find you attractive. You did
this often while we dated and again on Friday night. When I am with someone I’m attracted to, such as yourself, I’m happy to confess that attraction at unpredicted moments. I feel as though I never had a chance to do this with you because you solicit compliments from me on a regular basis by requesting that I tell you all the things I like about you. That’s information I prefer to volunteer.

You are a thoughtful person with many redeeming qualities, but your need to be constantly reassured of your looks
and talents is off- putting. I hope someday you are comfortable enough in your own skin to know these things are true and have that be enough. I wish you well in all that you do.

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