Promissory Note Sample

promissory note sample

A promissory note is a promise to pay later, and if you ever loan or borrow money, services, or products, you will probably need to construct your basic understanding with the other party in a quasi-letter document called a promissory note. A simple promissory note sample is as below.

A letter can be used to capture in writing someone’s promise to pay. A promissory note is a written piece of communication which expresses the timing and amount of future payments so that both parties will be in agreement as to the details

In this section, you will find a simple example of a promissory note written to communicate the basic understanding between two people who were entering into a promise to loan and a promise to repay the sum of $5,000.


4267 Angel Street

Del Rio, TX 87023

(910) 483-6611


To: Tex Panter, Inc.

Sampson County

P.O. Box 18

Del Rio, TX 87023

Lender, Tex Panter, Sampson County, agrees to lend the amount of $5,000 (five thousand dollars) to Edwards Tree Service, 4267 Angel Street, Del Rio, TX 87023.

In return, the undersigned will pay back $6,500 (six thousand and five hundred dollars) plus $2,250 (two thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars) on existing loan for a period of 43 (forty-three) weeks, beginning on January 12, 2000, with last payment being $350.00 (three hundred and fifty dollars). TOTAL LOAN OF $8,750 (eight thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars).

Collateral for loan as follows:

One (1) each Mobark Chipper – 88 model #180.

SN: 1234

Date: _________________________

Signature: _____________________

Michael Jordan


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