Closing To Overcome “Customers Don’t Ask For Your Product” Objection

Dear Sir,

When companies hire employees, they know they need to compile a team of people
with a variety of skills and interests – a player skilled in each of the
functions needed to run the company.

In much the same way, stores need to choose their stock to provide “something
for everyone.” While you have let me know that customers rarely ask for ABC
Company super bike, I am confident that if you had them on your shelves, they
would not only consistently turn over, but also bring a new kind of customer
that used to shop your store just once.

So just as you’ve put together employees with varied skills, you’ll be pleased
when you add ANC Company super bike to your product variety. I’ll stop by in a
few days to show you some samples and some research on how our products have
helped other retailers grow their customer base.


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