Inferior Installation

Dear Mr. Ben,

Two months ago, we purchased on sale 970 square feet of vinyl carpeting, which your people installed in several of our offices and hallways as part of your special case payment service. One month later, my office manager phoned the salesperson who has filled the order to complain that the carpeting in town of the offices was badly wrinkled. The two installers who had laid the carpet were dispatched the next day when they worked for several hours smoothing the material and reattaching it along the walls. Within a matter of days, it was just as wrinkled as ever.

This time, I phoned the salesperson myself to suggest that the padding might be at fault. But she replied that there was nothing more that could be done. There must be a problem with the floor being uneven, she suggested. This is not true, since the building was completed only four years ago, and it can be seen that the floors are perfectly straight. But what really got me was when she informed me that, since we had bought the carpeting “on sale,” it could not be replaced nor could we get a refund.

The problem was not with the material we bought, it was with the way your people – supposedly professionals- installed it. This is to inform you that, unless the job can be completed correctly, we expect full compensation.


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