Inexperienced Service People

Dear Ms. Danforth,

How many times do I have to call your attention to the sloppy performance of your workers who are supposed to be keeping our offices tidy and clean? Each time we complained, we have received assurances from you that the situation would be improved. These promises are the kind that can only be referred to as “empty.”

In case you have forgotten what kind of service you are supposed to be giving your customers, I enclose a copy of the neat little pamphlet you mailed us when you were promoting your firm. The assurances therein are hardly in keeping with the conditions on the job. We are herewith taking the stand that your pledges about reliability and satisfaction are deceptive and may even be cause for legal action, since we can lose business here when prospective clients arrive and find a messy office. If you cannot live up to your commitment, please say so and we’ll sign up with another cleaning service.


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