Sample Of Testimonial For A Student

Below is the sample of testimonial for a student :

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that Jeff Anderson has been a student of this school from 19xx to 19xy.
Jeff was a hardworking student who always strove to do his best in her studies as well as in sports. He excelled in both. He scored 5A’s in the High School Certificates.

In sports, he represented the school and the state in athletics and soccer. He is reigning school 400m champion and the much feared striker of the state’s combined schools’ soccer team. It is just a matter of time before he is called up for national duty.

Jeff is well liked by both the teachers and his schoolmates. He has an easygoing nature, a good sense of humor and an ability to see the bright side of things. As such he was a school prefect and was class monitor at various times of his school life. He is helpful and considerate and demonstrates remarkable leadership qualities beyond his teen years.

I strongly recommend him for any job or position that required a trustworthy and competent person. He will be an asset wherever he goes and it is the lucky employer who secures his services.

Michael Thomson

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