How Do You Write a Thank You Letter To A Customer in 2021 (With Proven Templates)

thank you letter to customer

In the international trade world, communicating with customers by email is an indispensable step. Whether it is a before-sale inquiry, late payment, delivery, etc., all communication must be communicated by email. How to write thank you letter to customer to improve business relationship?

A thank you letter is a kind of etiquette document. It is used in many non-agreement contracts in business activities. When a party benefits from the other party, the beneficiary should express gratitude promptly so that the other party can obtain psychological contentment after rendering the help. It is a kind of indispensable public relations tool and social need.

Today, we sort out a few social letter templates of thank you letters to customers.

1) Thank you letter to customers for using your service

Dear Recipient Name :

Thank you for choosing Murphy’s Cleaning Services (write company name). Your business is appreciated,and we are proud to be your new cleaning(replace here with company).

Thanks again.


Example of thank you letter to customer on purchasing home building products.

2)Thank you letter to customers for their trust or cooperation

Dear Recipient Name :

Thank you all for your trust and support in our company.

We sincerely hope that in 2021, I will pursue excellence with you! Looking forward to working closely with you to create a new world in the furniture industry!

May you continue to give me more support and help in the future! Thank you again for your trust and cooperation and wish you all the best in your endeavor!


3)Thank you letter to customers for their warm hospitality when traveling abroad

Dear Recipient Name :

I am writing to thank you for your hospitality during my business trip to your country. Thank you for your interesting chat, which has benefited me a lot.

We look forward to our long-term cooperation in the future, which will certainly promote cooperation and exchanges between our company and the European Science and Technology Park in the fields of industry, talents, projects and funds. This will help enterprises of both sides to invest in each other and develop markets in China and Europe.

We hope that in the future we will have more opportunities to expand bilateral economic and trade relations. I sincerely look forward to your early visit to China.

Faithfully yours,

4)Thank you letter to customers for visiting the factory

Dear Recipient Name :

Thanks for your visit to our company, I hope our administrative model

and product’s quality level have impressed you.

In XXX(replace here with the city where your company is located),it is still hot these days,but it does not prevent your visit here, we were touched deeply and appreciated for your efforts and time.We believe that our joint efforts could lead to a fruitful cooperation, and your visit would be a meaningful start.

In fact,since 2000,our company proceeded to extend business on European and American market.Our products gained glory by its quality and our prompt service. So,we hope we could serve you similarly to gain benefits for both of us.

Action speaks louder than words,we are looking forward to our in-depth cooperation, and we believe that our establishing relation will be lead to a bright and prospective future.

Again,thanks for your visit and efforts. If there is any question,please do not hesitate to contact us.

I looking forward to your prompt reply ,thank you .


Another example of letter welcoming a visitor from abroad.

5)Thank you letter to customers for their order

Dear Recipient Name :

Please accept our sincerest thanks and gratitude for your recent purchase with us! It was truly our pleasure to serve you.

Here at Company Name, we strive to provide the highest level of service possible. We hope that your experience with us was a pleasant one, and hope that we can be of service to you again in the future. As a valued customer, your comments and opinions are very important to us. If you have any concerns, questions or comments, we hope that you will bring them to our attention.

If there are any other ways that we can serve you better at this time or in the future please let us know. Thank you once again for your business, and we look forward to serving you again in the future. Please contact {us / or / me personally} if {I / we } can be of further service.


Another example of thank you letter to customers for their first order.

6) Letter in reply to thank you letter

Dear Recipient Name :

We greatly appreciate your letter describing the assistance you received in solving your air-conditioning problems. Throughout our fifty year of operation, and we receive many letters like your indicating a high level of customer satisfaction with our installation.

We are pleased that our technical staff assisted you so capably. We would like you to know that if you need to contact us at any time in the future. Our engineers will be equally responsive to your request for assistance. If we can be of service to you again, please let us know. Thank you again for your very kind letter.


Generally speaking, thank you letters to customers should not be too long. Simply point out the reason and express your thoughts. Be careful not to have grammatical errors when writing. Be sure to have a clear opening and signature.


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