Redundancy In Writing Examples

redundancy in writing examples

When engineering, redundancy is often a good thing. Engineers design and build in redundancy. If one system fails, a second is available to take over and prevent a problem. In writing, redundancy is not such a good thing. In fact, it should be avoided. Redundancy in writing examples are as below table:

The duplication of thought—words placed together so as to say the same thing twice—is not good. Consider the phrase, “brief in duration.” What do the words “in duration” add to the description of “brief”? If it is brief, the words “in duration” add nothing.

In business, there are many such phrases that are used in written communication. They do little to improve or make your writing clearer or better, and should be avoided. Cut them from your writing. Here is a list of such phrases, along with suggestions on how to replace them:

Redundant PhraseReplace With
12 midnightmidnight
12 noonnoon
absolute necessitynecessity
absolutely completecomplete
absolutely essentialessential
actual experience, past experienceexperience
added bonusbonus
advance noticenotice
advance planningplanning
advance reservationsreservations
advance warningwarning
all meet togethermeet
are in receipt of have, have received,received
arrived at the conclusion concluded, assumed, closed,decided
ended, finished, inferred,settled
ask the questionask
assembled togetherassembled
at 12 noonat noon
at the earliest possible date as soon as, as soon as possiblesoon
ATM machineATM
basic essentialsessentials
basic fundamentalsndamentals
before, or in the past before, or in the pastpast
biography of his/her lifebiography
blue, green, red…in color blue, green, redred…
brief in durationbrief
capital city, Capitol building capital, CapitolCapitol
clearly evidentobvious
close proximity close,nearnear
collaborate togethercollaborate
complete monopolymonopoly
completely demolished, demolished,destroyeddestroyed
completely oppositeopposite
completely surroundedsurrounded
connect togetherconnect
consensus of opinionagreement
continue oncontinue
contributing factor cause, factor, reasonreason
controversial issueissue
cooperate togethercooperate
costs a total ofcosts
costs the sum ofcosts
current statusstatus
difficult dilemmadilemma
divide updivide
doctorate degreedoctorate
enclosed herein enclose, withthis
end resultresult
estimated at about about or estimatedat
estimated roughlyestimated
exactly identicalidentical
fair and equitable fair orequitable
few in numberfew
filled to capacityfilled
final outcomeoutcome
first and foremost first, chief, mainmain
first beganbegan
first createdcreated
foreign importsimports
free giftgift
future plansplans
general consensusconsensus
general consensus (of opinion)consensus
general public, public, citizenscitizens
group togethergroup
he/she is a person who he/shehe/she
HIV virusHIV
honest truthtruth
I wish to take this opportunity thankyou
to thankyou
if and when either if orwhen
important essentialsessentials
in the month of January inJanuary
inside ofinside
join together, link together join,linklink
made a statement saying said, statedstated
merge together, mingle together, merge, mingle, mixmix
more and more oftenmore
mutual advantage of both mutualadvantage
new breakthrougheakthrough
new developmentevelopment
none at allnone
outside ofoutside
over and over again, repeatedlyrepeatedly
over exaggerateexaggerate
pair of twinstwins
particular interestinterest
past experience, past history experience, history,pastpast
past historyhistory
pause for a momentpause
period of time either period ortime
point in time either now ortoday
postpone until laterpostpone
pre-existing, prerecorded existing, recordedrecorded
protest againstprotest
protrude outprotrude
reelected for another termreelected
refer (repay, return, revert) backback
refer backrefer
regress backregress
repeat againrepeat
rise uprise
same identicalsame
small in sizesmall
square in shapesquare
still continues to continuesto
still remainsremains
storm eventstorm
sum totaltotal
surrounded on all sidessurrounded
temporary loanloan
the reason is because, reasons, (the) reason is, becausebecause
the reasonwhy
throughout the entirethroughout
time period time, periodperiod
total number, total or numbernumber
totally demolished, totally destroyed demolished, destroyeddestroyed
triangular in shapetriangular
true factfact
unexpected surprisesurprise
unite togetherunite
unless or until either unless oruntil
up untiluntil
usual habithabit
very hurriedlyhurriedly
visible to the eyevisible

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