Acknowledgement of Receiving Order From Customer

Below isĀ  a sample letter of Acknowledgement of Receiving Order From Customer For A Cordless Telephone And A Receive-Amplifier.

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your order of 10 July for 14 Genesis brand cordless phones
and 10 receive-amplifier @ USD200 and 150 each respectively with usual trade

These items would be delivered by the week end without fail by our delivery
van carriage paid along with guarantee cards, maintenance manual etc. We also
acknowledge your cheque for USD7000 being its part payment of these telephone
systems. The balance may be paid at the time of delivery by account payee

We are sure you will find these most satisfying as these are well-known for
their trouble-free calls. We may again assure that these communication items
are sophisticated ones designed with state-of-the-art clear reception, minus
all the problems associated with ordinary phones. Receive-amplifiers are also
of the same high international standard. Moreover, these are small, light and
powerful and fit easily in pocket or purse. All you have to do is plug it on
to a module phone. You can hear phone calls better wherever you are.

We thank you for this trial order and hope to receive repeat orders for large
number of these and other similar instruments. We assure you of our fullest
cooperation ever.

Yours faithfully,

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