Complaint About Non Members

Dear Mr. George,

We wish to complain about the increase in number of non-members coming to the club and making use of the facilities.

This is a recent phenomenon and if left unchecked, we would become no better than a public park. We do not mind if the members bring a friend or two once in a while. But things have got so out of hand that we see non-members coming on their own and bringing their friends and family along with them as well. This is too much already. Because of them we are deprived of our opportunity to use the facilities we paid for. This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

Please do something and stop these non-members from coming and using the club. We suggest that perhaps  the Ex. Co. can make it a rule that non-members are not allowed into the club unless they get prior permission. Whatever it is, do something before the club becomes like the market place.

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